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Why Integrated Curriculum is Effective
Integrated curriculum is an effective way to teach and learn because it corresponds with the way our brain works physiologically. Rather than separating knowledge into discrete partitions, the brain creates a complex web of information that recognizes patterns. Moreover, learning within a known context or experience helps the brain remember information more effectively (Caine 5). In fact, the physical structure of the brain changes as a result of experience, and it grows and develops more in an interactive environment (Caine 27-28). Integrating curriculum is a way to capitalize on these existing features of the human brain and work with, rather than counter to its natural function.

Besides being compatible with brain function, there are other reasons integrated curriculum makes sense. First, it teaches concepts that help students approach any situation or problem, rather than facts which have limited application. When you think about how knowledge has grown, but classroom time has not, you can see how this way of approaching education is more beneficial to the student in the long run. We canít teach every fact, so itís better to teach how to think about facts (Brandt 24).

Finally, there is no particular rationale for the way things are done currently. The current system is, in fact, somewhat counter productive, as it does not encourage teacher-teacher communication or resource-sharing. With integrated curriculum, however, these kinds of communications are an indispensable part of the process. They ensure that information is not repeated, and that teachers help each other teacher, rather than working at odds with each other (Brandt 26).

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